Regardless of how you are affiliated with the automotive repair industry, your business will be affected by the efforts of ALARISE. In recent years the number of issues, challenges and threats has affected the automotive repair industry with unparalleled frequency. The resolve and resiliency of the automotive repair industry and all businesses in this industry spectrum to address the continuing barrage of issues, challenges and threats current and yet to come must be strong, consistent and unwilling to accept and settle for anything less than what is legal and right for the public and all parties involved in the industry.

ALARISE will provide:

  • Strength in numbers

  • Networking and marketing opportunities

  • Education and training opportunities

  • Industry news and information updates

  • Special events – (conferences, workshops seminars and more)

  • Consumer awareness education programs

  • AND MORE as ALARISE grows


Membership in a professional organization (ALARISE) is an investment in your business and your professional credibility.

Membership is an investment in personal development and growth.

Membership is a way to stay connected to the ever-changing industry and industry leaders that will share their knowledge and experiences on how and what can make the industry better.

ALARISE can be a major pathway to help you achieve the professional and business development, growth and credibility you seek.


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